Giethoorn van alle kanten

select date: 17 January 2022
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Giethoorn van alle kanten

Giethoorn van alle kanten

🌍 Giethoorn
✅ Coffee or Tea with apple pie with whipped cream
✅ Giethoorn canal cruise (1 hour)
✅ Village tour
✅ 3-course monthly menu


13.30 – Reception with coffee
You will be welcomed with 1 cup of coffee or tea and apple pie with whipped cream.

2.15 pm – Canal cruise through Giethoorn
You make a one-hour cruise accompanied by an expert skipper

3.15 pm – Village tour
You can explore the village on foot with its many bridges and canals. Along the way you can visit the many nice shops in our village.

5.30 pm – 3 courses Monthly menu
End of a beautiful day trip……But the evening is still young….A 3-course monthly menu is served. (This monthly menu has a value of € 22.50 per person, if you choose to eat from the card, this 22.50 will be deducted at checkout)

For the children (4 to 11 years old) there is a children's menu consisting of tomato soup before, fries with frikandel or croquette and a children's ice cream after.