High Tea Uitje in Giethoorn

select date: 27 January 2022
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High Tea Uitje in Giethoorn

High Tea Uitje in Giethoorn

🌍 Giethoorn - Eetcafe Giethoorn Burgers & Grill
✅ Hot consumption with farmer's chunk
✅ Village visit
✅ High Tea | High wine | High Beer or High Burger


12.30 - Reception with a warm drink
and artisan peasant bread

13:00 - Village tour
You can visit the village on your own or make free use of:
- Play loft with ball pit, megablocks, air hockey and billiards and bowling alley
- Watering Cans - Bowling in the open air on his watering cans
- Tower of Giethoorn - Mega tower of Pisa based on Giethoorn
- Brain Teasers - Various think and do assignments
- Fenced playground

15:00 - High Tea
The high tea is served in 2 courses and consists of brownies, muffins, scones, petit fours, cakes, puffs, sandwiches, and warm savory snacks.

During the high tea you can enjoy various tea blends and you can make unlimited use of them. (Coffee is possible, but not unlimited).

Instead of the High Tea, you can also opt for a High Beer, High Wine or High burger. Combination is also possible, so eg 1 high tea + 1 high beer. You can specify this when making a reservation for additional items.

You can book this package directly here for up to 20 people. If you are with more people or want more information, you can find it here or make a request


High Wine instead of High Tea
Course 1: Glass of wine + matching pastry snacks
Course 2: Glass of wine + matching pastry snacks
Course 3: Glass of wine + matching warm snacks

High Burger instead of High Tea
Course 1: Cold hamburger treats + Consumption
Course 2: Burger sandwiches + Consumption
Course 3: Mini burgers + Consumption

High Beer instead of High Tea
Course 1: LEFFE special + cheese & sausage
Course 2: LEFFE special + warm snacks
Course 3: LEFFE special + spare ribs